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Supercharger is our young herd sired by GMRA Tesla 6214 and out of a Bieber Hard Drive Y120 cow.  He phenomenal depth and capacity, heavy bone and build, an overall great confirmation, and a very docile disposition.  He has a great set of EPDs with his BW & YW 14%, GM 7%, CED 14%, ADG 22%, MILK 23%, CEM 8%, MARB 7%, CW 14%, REA 12%, and 3 other traits in the top 50%. He will add easy calving/ low birth weight calves with a high growth capacity and are worthy of adding back to our herd or being herd bull prospects!


    DOUBLE S BOLO        #1748664

BROWN JYJ REDEMPTION Y1334      #1441805

    ANDRAS NEW DIRECTION R240          #1506922

ARMES RED ANGUS 423 168-8      #4020264

TR COLT 45 UT806             #1240434

  H2R PROFITBUILDER B403          #1683233

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