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Carter Farm is located in the heart of beef cattle country in south central KY. The rolling hills and mild winters provide this area with lush, rich grass making it an ideal location to raise cattle. Our registered red angus herd is focused on moderate, easy fleshing cattle that must be great mothers, calve easy, have calm dispositions, low maintenance, and eye appeal! Our cows are handled often making them calm and easy to work. We currently sell the bull calves we produce at 12 and 18 months. See available Bulls for sale on the For Sale page. We are still focused on growing our herd and are retaining most heifers that are produced. We may on occasion have females for sale so feel free to check with us. In addition to our registered herd, we have a commercial beef herd built of mainly charolais, charolais/angus cross, and angus cross cattle.

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